Crazy Talk

Remodeling is my life; it is what I do for a living.  I spend a great deal of thought and time improving and recycling “what is” into “what can be.”  My company’s motto is “REbuild.REmodel.REdesign.REclaim.RElove.”  And that is what I love to do.

Since I was a little girl, I was always interested in building.  While other girls were obsessing over what their dolls were wearing, I was more concerned with where Barbie was living!   I was dabbling in Legos and Lincoln Logs and constructing fairy houses of sticks and leaves.  I always felt that our surroundings were important, so it’s not surprising that designing and remodeling living spaces became my life’s work.

Gregory House RenderDream homes with character and wonderful architectural details are often located in charming older neighborhoods that appeal to families, but sometimes, once they move in, they notice the “generation gap.”  The homeowners of yesteryear utilized their home differently and built them accordingly.  So, in these older homes, I see the challenges of families trying to find adequate storage, entertaining space and room for everyday living.  I also see the challenges that each house presents when you get into a remodeling project, not to mention the inconvenience and disruption it presents to the occupants enduring the remodel.

How about these obstacles to consider in each remodel:

  • Height restrictions,
  • locations of existing utilities,
  • load-bearing walls,
  • existing relationships of rooms to each other,
  • window placement,
  • lack of maintenance from prior owners,
  • structural issues and
  • leaky basements.

Working around existing conditions, needed repairs or upgrades all cost homeowners time and money.

So . . . tearing down a livable home to rebuild new is absolute crazy talk, right?  It is a hard pill to swallow, but in some cases, tearing down and starting new is more cost effective.  If you truly want an updated, efficient space that reflects your family’s needs, you may need to tear down and rebuild to achieve your end result.  Crazy talk.

It was just this kind of crazy talk that resulted in a really, really big decision for my family, one that included cramped quarters, relocation, lots of boxes, storage lockers, missing stuff and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears.  But along with that came excitement and anticipation and hopes and dreams for our forever house.  And so our journey to our dream home begins.

So yeah, sometimes, not so crazy.

Lynneah Gregory, President, Reconstruct and Construct

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